John Hayes Monthly Golf Tips

My current Golf Tip Newsletter will be emailed to you once a month (you will get just one email per month) if you have signed up at the bottom of my Homepage. It will contain a golf tip plus the latest on golf instruction and clinic schedules from me. Feel free to email me with any golf topics that you would like to have covered in my newsletter. On this page you will be able to read past golf tips for your game from 6 months prior and before, or you may want to read one before signing up in order to recieve the current issue.

This newsletter and golf tip series began in March 2012.

Direction for the Golf Swing – JohnHayesGolf August 2018 Tip & Newsletter

May 4, 2019
You must swing the golf club in the DIRECTION of the target - John Hayes Golf August 2018 Tip & Newsletter, Issue 78 from Safety Harbor, FL near Tampa

Look at Grip, Target and Clubface – John Hayes Golf July 2018 Tip

Really look at your grip, target and the clubface - July 2018 Tip and Newsletter, Issue 77 from Clearwater, FL near Tampa

Golf Pitch Shot Landing Spot – John Hayes Golf June 2018 Tip & Newsletter

The pitch and chip shot landing spot tells you what golf club to use - JohnHayesGolf June 2018 Tip & Newsletter, Issue 76 from Clearwater, FL near Tampa

Hitting Golf Balls is Not Practice – May 2018 Tip

Just hitting golf balls is NOT practice; you must practice with a definite purpose in mind - John Hayes Golf May 2018 Tip & Newsletter, Issue 75 from Clearwater, FL near Tampa

Not Caring Where the Golf Ball Goes – John Hayes Golf April 2018 Tip

You must practice swinging the golf club form one side to the other with No Ball Concern - Tip and Newsletter, Issue 74 from Clearwater, FL near Tampa

Golf Club Alignment – John Hayes Golf March 2018 Tip and Newlsetter

Lay a club parallel to target line to train eyes for correct golf clubface alignment - John Hayes Golf March 2018 tip and Newsletter, Issue 73 from Clearwater, FL near Tampa.

Swing the Whole Club Forward – John Hayes Golf Feb 2018 Tip Newsletter

August 5, 2018
The WHOLE club must be swung forward, not just the club head - John Hayes Golf February 2018 Tip Newsletter, Issue 72 from Clearwater, FL near Tampa Bay

Your Job in the Bunker – John Hayes Golf January 2018 Tip and Newsletter

Understand your job is NOT to get the ball out of the bunker - John Hayes Golf January 2018 tip & Newsletter, Issue 71 from Clearwater, FL near Palm Harbor

Change Grip Gradually If It Causes Trouble – John Hayes Golf Dec. 2017 Tip

June 2, 2018
The Grip should be changed gradually if it is causing problems - John Hayes Golf December 2017 Tip & Newsletter, Issue 70 from Clearwater, FL near Safety Harbor.

You Need a Center to Draw a Circle – John Hayes Golf November 2017 Tip

You need to stay centered to return to square consistently - John Hayes Golf November 2017 Tip & Newsletter, Issue 69 from Clearwater, FL near East Lake Woodlands.