Swing the Club at the Target per TrackMan – JohnHayesGolf Sept. 2018 Golf Tip

JohnHayesGolf.com Newsletter Golf Tip – September 2018

For your golf game: In last month’s golf tip I told you that the golfer cannot just swing the club beautifully from one side to the other producing solidly struck shots that fly well. He or she must also direct the swing toward the target. You must be able to sense this when you are swinging on the golf course but the Tour Pros have found a new way to practice to get the feedback about the direction of the swing. The most popular, and very expensive, machine to do this is called TrackMan. You cannot watch a golf telecast without seeing these TrackMan numbers appearing somewhere.
TrackMan offers more information about a shot than anybody could process and turn into a golf swing but I do like several numbers that it gives. One is CLUB PATH which gives the direction the clubhead is moving at impact relative to the target line. It also gives the FACE ANGLE which gives the angle of the clubface at impact relative to the target line. As you might imagine, the Tour Pros have TrackMan numbers that vary like their fingerprints. Zach Johnson has a 6 iron CLUB PATH that is 6.8 degrees to the right of the target line with a FACE ANGLE that is 3.4 degrees to the right. They say that having a FACE ANGLE that is about 50% less to the right or left of the CLUB PATH direction, but in the same direction relative to the target line, is ideal for producing a very slight draw or fade. Also that the path and face directions are pretty close to the same unless you want to have a glancing blow that produces a great deal of curve.
Dustin Johnson’s driver CLUB PATH is 3.1 degrees to the left with a FACE ANGLE that is 2.7 degrees to the left which produces a soft fade which he prefers. It is important to know that center impact is still critical as a miss on the heel or toe will produce a curving shot due to the gear effect that will overcome the path and face numbers, especially with the driver. I think it is also worth noting that the number of degrees left or right for these elite players is really very small.
The Tour players seem to be getting a benefit from practicing with TrackMan. It does give good feedback on what the golf club is doing and this can motivate the student to keep using the club correctly. I suspect there are still many fine players on the Tours who still use their awareness of the club and the feedback from the ball flight to guide their practice. You will still need to sense when you are swinging the club in the direction of the target when playing because TrackMan will not be there to help you.

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