“Hey John it’s Ross; I just wanted to say thank you for all you have done for my golf swing…I’m playing the best golf that I ever have…one thing that I apply is NOT keeping track of score and just keep swinging at the target.  It’s paying off!  I shot 42 – 44 at Chi Chi’s.  You’re and awesome golf teacher.  Especially the positive attitude; I appreciate it.”      Ross W.  (Tampa, FL)

“Shot my age today, 71.  Thanks for your help.”  Wally L.  (Saratoga, NY)

“I played with 23 male reps from my sales team at Cowboys Golf Club and my team killed it and we used lots of my shots 🙂  It was an amazing day!!  Thought I’d share  :)”    Laurie B.  (Tampa, FL)

“Thanks for the lesson.  You were able to quickly identify what I was doing wrong and correct it.  I was able to take it to the course and see a great improvement right away.  The notes you gave were also very helpful.  Thanks again.”  Larry T. (Clearwater, FL)

“I just wanted to thank you for what I learned at our lesson a few weeks ago. I shot 74 twice recently and 70 today. I hit 12 fairways and most drives were 300 plus. I am just coming to zero (m.p.h.) at the top and swinging the club at the target with my arms. The ball doesn’t curve! Thanks again.”
Bob S. (Pittsburgh, PA)

“There are many people that can teach golf but I think you have a unique ability to diagnose what someone is doing incorrectly.  I relearned that trying to fix something by guessing what is wrong is just a waste of time and effort.  Thanks for the help today.  I did hit my driver after the lesson and a huge difference.  I can’t tell you how many things I tried to fix my swing…”    Chris C.  (Pinellas Co., FL)

“Thanks John – I was ‘buddy’ taught golf and never took lessons. I played a lot but never got much better. My girlfriend bought me some lessons, so I had to go. After a couple of lessons with John, I was able to make better contact and my shots were more consistent (less military golf). I finished the series and improved my game enough to go from B to A flight at my local golf league. I highly recommend John Hayes if you really want to improve your game and learn many things about the game you never knew before.       Ron A. (Palm Harbor, FL)

“Hi John, I just wanted to send you a quick note of thanks. While visiting with our 5 kids from Chicago both my wife and I took a lesson from you. I have played 5 of the best rounds of my life ever since. My playing partner after a recent round asked me if I sold my soul to the devil when I was in Florida because he can’t believe how well I am hitting the ball. My lesson was a total game changer! Thanks.”
Mike L. (Chicago, IL)

“…I had an hour lesson this past April, (the 71 year old guy who has been trying to apply Manuel’s concept). I want to thank you for that lesson. I wish it would have occurred ten years ago. Two observations made the rest of my 2014 golf a much happier experience. You observed some stiffness in my arms that I was completely unconscious of. My awareness of that tendency has allowed me to feel the swinging motion much better. Also, I had somehow inserted “through the ball” into Manuel’s concept; you pointed out that Manuel’s concept does not have the word “ball” in it. That really re-booted my brain. I’m now visualizing a line from about 6″ in front of the ball to my target on my forward swing and swinging very freely. So thanks again. I suppose teaching people to self-correct must cost you some lesson time; but I have tried to send a few folks your way.”                        Fred T. (Safety Harbor, FL)

“I have worked with John for several years. He has a unique ability to instruct in a way that is simple, effective and easy to understand. With his help my golf swing, and my current comprehension of it, have improved greatly. I feel completely confident recommending John to anyone seeking to improve their game, regardless of their current skill level.”
Ron H. (St. Louis, MO)

“I just had to send you this email. My wife attended your Ladies Boot Camp. Shortly there after we went to the range a few times and by my standards for basically a new golfer she was doing fine. I know during the lessons she made a comment one night over dinner about something you taught them. I was impressed because it seemed like ‘she got it.’ As we practiced and talked there were a couple of things she said you taught her that made me go hmmm. Well this past weekend she was chomping at the bit to get out on the course. Holy crap! She hit more good shots than ever. She absolutely hit the longest drives and fairway woods than EVER by far! Her chipping was pretty good considering she is as scared to chip as she is scared of worms. She was giggling like a 13 year old the entire time we were playing. And, when she hit a bad one she got over it quicker than on the range and usually hit the next one good. Well this past Sunday was my best time ever on a golf course. Seeing her so excited and finally have something to do with my wife of 33 plus years just made my day. Thank you for helping make that happen John.”
Mike R. (Tampa, FL)

“I’ve read “Understanding the Golf Swing” (by Manuel de la Torre) a number of times.  Your book (Learning Golf With Manuel) is the unwritten “last chapter.”  Thanks for such a great contribution.  Best regards,”             Chris T. (Aurora, CO)

“Coach John Hayes has really helped our nine year old son in improving his world level junior golf skills for tournament and recreational play for over a year now. He uses photographs in his portfolio of great players to explain techniques to reinforce his excellent teachings. He uses his wonderful sense of humor and storytelling abilities to keep our son’s attention through each weekly one hour lesson. His calming demeanor and always respectful presence is wonderful to be around. Coach John’s “swing the club” method is sorely needed in our contemporary culture of focusing almost exclusively on just swing mechanics. I whole-heartedly recommend Coach John Hayes for ANY junior golfer of ANY age – whether just beginning or looking to go to that next level.”

Jon O. (Palm Harbor, FL)

Hi John, I had to tell you I just shot 39 on the front 9 at Chi Chi’s this morning. I kind of petered out on the last 3 holes of the back but still managed a 90. 10 strokes better than my best over the last couple of months. Thanks for the great lessons. Golf is getting fun!

Steve S. (Tampa, FL)

“Hey John. You may not remember me , but you gave me a lesson at Chi Chi’s about 2 months ago. Today I shot and 81 at Timber Greens in New Port Richey. When I went to you I was struggling terribly. Scared to swing the club. I told you I was a good student. After many buckets on the range using your advice/teaching, I’m feeling in control again. Here’s the important thing…golf is fun again, and I’m excited again to get to the course. The anxiety and fear is gone and confidence has returned. Thank you!”

John C. (Pinellas Co., FL)