Golf Pitch Shot Landing Spot – John Hayes Golf June 2018 Tip & Newsletter Newsletter Golf Tip – June 2018

For your golf game: What tells you what club to use when you have a small shot around the green? THE LANDING SPOT tells you what club to use. The landing spot is the place where the ball first hits the ground after impact. Here is a simple rule of thumb to use: when your landing spot is MORE THAN HALF WAY to the hole you will likely need to use one of your wedges. This is generally called a pitch shot. When your landing spot is LESS THAN HALF WAY to the hole you can use your 9 iron, 8 iron, etc., all the way down to your putter. This is called a chip shot. So the technique does not need to change for these different shots; just let the different loft of the club produce the different shot for you. And it is great practice to hit a basic small shot around the practice green with all the clubs to see the different ways to ball reacts when going to the hole.
What should you consider when selecting your LANDING SPOT? FIRST – you would like the ball to land on the putting green if possible as this is the most consistent surface on a golf course. SECOND – you would like the ball to land on a level surface, if possible, that is large enough to give you some margin for error. THIRD – you want to roll the ball along the ground as much as possible. When your ball is on the putting green do you play a high, quick-stopping shot or a low running shot? Of course you putt and roll the ball along the ground.
Now that you have selected your club I want you to add something as part of your short game shot routine – VISUALIZE THE BALL ROLLING AND STOPPING AT YOUR TARGET. If you have a pitch shot where the ball is going to curve 4 feet to the right as it rolls to the hole then your target should be a spot, equidistant to the hole, and 4 feet left of the hole to account for this curve. So you see you need to pick your target carefully and VISUALIZE BEFORE YOU SWING.

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