September 2012 Newsletter

Newsletter – September 2012


I am offering a Get Golf Ready 5-day Ladies Boot Camp.  It will be held on 5 consecutive days with 4 days of one-hour golf clinics and the last day will be on the golf course with advice to get everyone comfortable with their

pre-round preparation, equipment, course strategy and etiquette.  One of these Boot Camps will be held September 12 – 16.  There will also be one held from October 3 – 7.  Cost is only $99 and includes everything.  There is a limit of 8 Ladies each session.  Go to for more details.

I will also be holding anotherTwo-DayGolfSchoolon Friday, September 21 (4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.) and Saturday, September 22 (8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.) with a cost of only $89.  There is a limit of only 4 golfers for this.  Please call me or email to sign up.


Now something to use for your golf game:  I must give a shout out to Dave F., a fellow PGA golf professional, who passed along some info from Manuel de la Torre in Milwaukee(I am on permanent shout out to Manuel so I don’t need to mention that.)  This will help any iron shot but is especially effective with wedge shots that some people struggle with.  Take your address position, now set the club on the grass 3 inches ahead of the ball.  Next put the club back to the address position and swing and have your purpose to return the club to this position, 3 inches ahead of the ball on the grass, from the end of the backswing.  Manuel said that this accomplishes 3 things: 1) it takes the ball away.  If you are really concerned with returning the club to the grass 3 inches ahead of the ball then you are not concerned with hitting the ball.  2) It forces you to swing the WHOLE club instead of using just the clubhead and 3) it gives you the direction which should be forward and not downward.  I hope you will try this with some of your wedge shots and report back to me.


As always, please call (727) 692-4679 or email, with your questions and comments.  I hope I will see you soon for a lesson at Chi Chi’s in beautifulClearwater,Florida.