Online Golf Lessons with John Hayes

Online Golf Lessons

Email your swing to me and then have a FaceTime Lesson on range:

Outside Tampa?  Out of state?   Out of the United States?  I can still teach you the game of Golf using the latest technology.  Cell phones and tablets are a great tool for recording swings and doing online golf lessons.

Step 1) Record your swings on the HudlTechnique App or something similar and email it to me and tell me what you are trying to do.  Also, tell me what the ball typically does when you are having problems.  Step 2) I will respond and give you some things to try out.  Step 3) You respond and give me feedback about what happened when you did the things I asked you to try.  Step 4) I will respond and we will arrange a time for me to FaceTime / Skype call you when you are on the golf range so we can go to work on it as you hit balls and give me feedback about your shots.  Step 5)  Do the 45-minute FaceTime lesson.  All for $100.  I will request you to pay with a check or pay $105 if you want to pay with credit card over the phone.

Swing emails and 45-minute FaceTime lesson on the range is only $100 total.

Or – Just a half hour phone conversation on the swing, no video, for only $50.

Call 727-692-4679 or email for more information.