June 2012 Newsletter

June 2012 Newsletter


I would like to hear from the “snow birds” that I gave lessons to from Ohio, Chicago, Canada, Michigan, Connecticut, Philadelphia, Maine, New Jersey, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, St. Louis and yes, Tampa Bay.  Always feel free to email with your questions or observations about golf.  I am planning to put together some 2-day golf schools in early August here at Chi Chi’s with many great golf options to go with it.  It is warm all over the country at that time but the sea breeze helps down here and the prices are great for golf.

 Now for some golf related questions.  If you are drawing a circle on a piece of paper with a compass and you have set the length of the radius then what will you determine next?  Answer – You need to determine your center point.  Now for another question: When you draw this circle, will the pencil continue on the arc and return back to its original location to complete the circle if you change the location of the center point?  (Don’t worry; I stumble badly when Manuel de la Torre asks me these questions for the first time and I usually answer “um” to stall for time!)  Answer – NO.

 For golfers this applies to the concept of shifting your weight in the backswing.  Ideally you should start in perfect balance (on a level lie) at address with your weight 50% on the left foot and 50% on the right.  THEN YOU KEEP THE WEIGHT EQUAL DURING THE SWING UNTIL THE BALL IS STRUCK, then allow the forward motion to take you off your right heel and you will finish with a majority of weight on your left foot at the finish.

 You can shift your weight during the backswing and thus relocate your center but you must reestablish your center at impact to return the club back to square.  This adds an extra move that you do not need to do and I do not believe it gives any benefits to the golfer.  Some of the top players do have a weight shift in the backswing but they practice all of the time and they have developed great timing for this.  Starting with and keeping your weight equal during the swing until the ball is struck does NOT mean that you do not respond and turn with the swinging motion of the club.  If you are not getting solid contact then keep your weight 50% left and 50% right until impact and see if it is not easier to have the club return as it was.

 You can always reach me at jh@johnhayesgolf.com or call (727) 692-4679 to set up a golf lesson.